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Yeah, here's my annual "back at DA for, like, 20seconds" post. Got a couple things to upload is all.

If for any reason you were curious about stuff going on in my life, I'm active on Twitter. :p
I made a new DA account. Since I'm trying to make it PAW: Photo/picture a week. Since I got a new camera. <3


Check it out. (:
Hay. I uploaded a couple things just because I haven't in a while.

I should scan more from my sketchbook, but not right now. Eventually I guess.
I should...try to be on DA more. But eventually I guess. lol.
'Sup. I graduated. K thanx.
): And unemployed.

Also 'sup I haven't been on DA in for fucking ever.

Thankgod. Except my standards book was rejected by my professor.
And now I get to work all of break at Kohl's. Oh hell yeah, it's gonna be so fun.

I forgot to mention that my parents are moving to Vermont so I'll be sans house for a while. I mean, I'll have my school apartment for the rest of the academic year but after that, who knows?
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News? News. K. News.
Senior Year. GD, Type, and Intaglio.
I really need to scan + upload some of my stuff.
A) I've improved/changed
B) There's nothing from my actual major here!
C) The last thing I uploaded is OOOOLLLDDDDD

I'm on my 5th prescription for my BRAIN! :'D

TV TIME! What I DVR  weekly:
Heroes (monday)
House (tuesday)
Criminal Minds (wednesday)
CSI (thursday)
21 Jump Street (saturday)

<3 <3
  • Reading: Catch 22
Summer break finally! Except I'm stuck in my parent's house and I hate it here. ):

I should post some of my design crap from class.
I've got a ton of inked drawings laying around. And a ton of finished works that I could scan and post.
But I probably won't.
I really should upload more stuff here. This gallery doesn't show, like, anything close to my best work. Or my any of my design work.

I finally sat down to learn guitar today after years of having two just hanging out in my room. My acustic only has 3 strings left. lol. My electric's strings are pretty okay except for the 3rd string that goes TWAGZK.

I'm crazy super lonely. (: Not being surrounded by people I don't even enjoy entirely all the time is odd.
Not to mention none of the people I DO like are planning on talking to me much or seeing me at all. )': wahmbulance.
And my dreams are fucking with my mind. cry.

Whatever though. I'm gonna go read.
Just kicking off the old entry.
Gonna fail my final today. Win for me.
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What's up in my life?

I'm addicted to Heroes now.
I got a B- on the history of GD test I thought I bombed.
I just redrew a whole bunch of backgrounds for a commision because the perspective was a bit messed up (or a lot).
There's...5 weeks left in the semester?
I haven't even gotten on the computer for my GD final ;-;

Wow, now I'm freaking out. )':
  • Watching: CSI: Miami
  • Drinking: Coffee &lt;3
<3 Go see 300. It's a must-be-seen-in-theaters movie.

I really think my markerpaper book was assembled wrong.
I'm all super careful about not ripping a page out before I draw on it, so I know which side is the right side, but it's not. It's not the right side and the markers go all wonky and then I'm like "wtf" and I have to retrace my drawing about 4times before I get it right.

How strange.
I think I'll just switch to my extra one. Maybe that one is put together right.

btw: SPRING BREAK! WOOO! *flashes*
I get a lot more useless junk done when I have a project that I need to be working on instead of drawing random useless junk.

  • Drinking: Tea
In the Design lab to work but instead I'm checking my DA to see how much different my submissions look on this huge moniter. :D
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  • Drinking: Dr.Pepper &lt;3
It's been so nice and warm here.
But winter came back today. It's mighty cold and snowy.
But Maria and I went on an emergency waffle run anyways. Except I didn't get waffles, I got french toast.
Ah. Reminds me of our latenight KFC runs to get wedges in CT. <3

I have, like, a million half-finished/started drawings.
I started doing some House fanart because I was excited for Jesse+Jen's engagement. ^0^
But I'm not good at fanart.
I don't know why I'm so bad at finishing pieces lately. D':

The next semester starts soon though. ]:
I keep having nightmares about going back to school. XD
I think that's a bad sign...
Heyas People!
Just posting a journal.
To kick the old one off.

It's really cold here!
My health is super bad. ):
The semester is almost over! That means final projects! eeeeee.
  • Reading: The Affirmation
So I was looking through this gallery yesterday.
Then I looked for everyone I used to know, but I didn't make myself known to them.

But I really hate everything here. I signed up...I don't know how long ago. I think it was Junior year of HighSchool. That was 4years ago.
But what's happened?

My technical aspects have improved slightly. I've gone through lots more, really expensive, training.
But all my drawings seem the same. So depressing. So blah.

I may have improved slightly in skill but in subject and meaning my work has been the same for years.
That worries me to no end.

I actually have some cute happyish pictures started. Problem is people have to tell me to draw them.
"Draw me and you!" "Draw a cute catgirl having fun!" "Draw some puppies!!!!"
My drawings never turn out like that unless I force it to happen. I put my pencil on the paper and out flows my minds and I have no control over it.

This mood icon has nothing to do with anything I just wrote, but it represents best what I'm feeling right now.
But I wouldn't call it "sympathy".
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Kicking old entry off.
I got accepted into the BFA program.
My Typography prof is very passiveagressive and I hate that.
My GD prof never shuts up, and the TA is apparently stuck up. But he's nice to me so whatever.
My ColorPhoto prof hates all my work.
My ArtHistory prof is psychofemanist.
And I never go to my other class. Oops.

My parents bought me a new scanner/printer thing. <3
And my powerbook's battery was recalled and I haven't gotten the replacement yet. )':

And I was diagnosed with a bad and abnormal case of clostochondritius or whatever it's spelled. Inflammation of the ribcage and cartilage.
One doctor said it was stress. Another said my major did it to me, because I'm sitting all the time.
I have to do really painful PT three times a week. )':
And if it doesn't get better I get to go on Antianxiety pills! YAY.

Basically my major is killing me! That makes me feel wonderful!
Basically just kicking that old entry off.

Can't think of anything to say.
I just don't update this thing anymore. I don't scan much of my work anymore. And when I do I never feel like publishing it all over the internet anymore. :|

So yeah. That's that.
Junior year starts soon. I'm old. )x
Okay. I'll update this-y-here journal.
Because I don't want to study for ArtHistory.
When I really shouldn't be doing that and I should be painting instead.

Art Related Stuff:
-I have two final projects due next wednsday. SUCKY. ):
-My self portrait for painting got put up in the hall. n_n
-I have a job this summer illustrating a text book with my friend!
-I haven't drawn anything on the computer in forever. Don't think I will either. but I have a ton of realmediums that I should upload.

NonArt Related Stuff:
-Rufus Wainwright came to Fredonia the other day. My friend's were all excited because it was their first real concert. :D aw, so cute. I got his autograph on some scrap paper I was going to toss. XD
-I went white water rafting. I did NOT fall out of the raft. GO ME! :D
-I'm moving to Conneticut this summer. So, like, if you're in the Salem, CT area hit me up.
-Sophmore year is almost done! :D
-UH. My bestest best friend ever is moving to Germany. ): But her husband is going to pay for me to visit. n___n

Okay. That's all I feel like saying.
Uh...Yeah. Much love.
Okay. 24hour Review is done, so here's a new Journal.

It went okay. Steve didn't know anything, he was all "What's this? I don't get it!" hehe.
Jan was so talkative, I heart Jan. She gave me so much great advice. Steve gave me a list of books to read.
Leesa kept asking me about Art116. And I was all "-insert arthist fact here yo-" and wowed her. (:
They told me to drop the "anime" and work with realism. I so lied to them and told them I watched Anime for inspiration. I don't even know why I did that, I don't watch anime as much as I watch American cartoons. XD

I got a 3.6.
Apparently you need a 3.5 to get into BFA. n____n

Next week is Spring Break. I'll post stuff then.
I'm doing some avatar artwork off Gaia. Just freebie stuff, to get all the cartoony out of my system.

I'm sick. EW.